Clueless traveler sparks lock-down at LaGuardia Airport

By Daniel Prendergast
August 22, 2016 | 11:48am
LaGuardia AirportPhoto: Getty Images
A clueless traveler caused one of the terminals at LaGuardia Airport to be placed on lock-down when he accidentally breached a security checkpoint Monday, officials said.

The man sent TSA officials into a panic when they noticed the unscreened passenger had gone beyond the checkpoint inside Terminal B around 9 a.m.
The TSA employees halted the screening process and forced the man — along with several other frustrated travelers who had already been screened — to exit the area and go through security again.

The lock-down caused massive delays at the airport.

The man explained that he had accidentally walked through the exit line of the security area and inadvertently ended up in the restricted area, sources said.

Port Authority police investigated the incident and the terminal was reopened a short time later

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